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WPBlockTips is a repository of block editor pro tips that any WordPress user would want to know.

Why we created this community website

We wanted to create a platform where we could encourage WordPress users to start building with the WordPress Block Editor. Since it’s relatively new, there are a lot of ins and outs in the Block Editor that people may not yet know. The Block Editor is quite powerful and versatile when you get to know how to use it well. And we hope that through this website, people could could learn and share tips and make everyone block experts.

Who it is for

The WPBlockTips website is for two types of people: First, WordPress users that want to contribute their pro tips to the community and second, new users in WordPress that want to get the most amazing Block Editor tips to level up their Block Editor skills.

Who it is by

Gambit is a software development team based form the Philippines. We are passionate about WordPress and have been building WordPress tools and products which lean towards helping people achieve the designs they want.

What else we do

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Thank you and enjoy!

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