How to Convert Reusable Blocks to Regular Blocks

When you have a reusable block, but want to make a change that will only be applied to a single page or post, you will have to convert it to a regular block.

To do this, add your reusable block to a post or page. This is what a reusable block looks like when it’s been added:

A screenshot of a reusable block in a blog post.

Click on the Options menu (⋮) on the block toolbar and locate the Convert to regular block option. If you don’t see this option, it means you may have a block inside the reusable block selected, make sure you select the reusable block itself.

A screenshot of the block editor. The options menu of the block toolbar is opened. The cursor is pointed at the "Convert to regular block" option.

Click the Convert to regular blocks option. It will no longer be a reusable block as you can see from the list view.

A screenshot of the reusable block being converted to a regular block

Once that’s done, you can make whatever changes you want to make to the block and it will only be for this block.

A screenshot of an edited column block.

When you check back on the reusable block that you just edited, it remains the same. Take note though that any changes you do on the reusable block will no longer apply to the converted block.

A screenshot of the old reusable block

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