How to Create a Custom Post Template

Post Templates allow you to use different layouts for your blog posts or website pages. WordPress themes usually come with various built-in templates, but you can create your own.

To create your own custom template, go to the Site Editor (from the WordPress dashboard, Appearance > Editor).

A screenshot of the WordPress dashboard. The cursor is pointed at the Editor button from the menu.

On the menu on the left, select the Templates button.

A screenshot of the site editor. The cursor is pointed at the Templates button.

When the Templates menu opens, click the plus button and select the Custom template option.

A screenshot of the Templates menu in the Site Editor. The Add New Template button has been clicked and the cursor is pointing at the Custom template option.

Assign a name to your new custom template and hit the “Create” button.

A screenshot of the modal to create a custom template in the Site Editor. The custom template has been named "Custom Template" and the cursor is pointed at the Create button.

Once you’re done, you will be brought to the Template Editor and you should be able to see it in the Templates menu.

A screenshot of the template editor and the custom template now appears in the Templates menu.

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