How to Create a Reusable Block

Reusable blocks are a great way to create efficiency in designing your website. Creating a reusable block is pretty easy. Just follow these steps.

In the block editor, once you have a styled block (or multiple blocks) that you want to turn into a reusable block, select it/them. Be sure to select the entire block and not just a block inside of your section.

A screenshot of a call to action in the block editor

Click the Options button (︙) in the menu.

A screenshot of the block editor. The options menu is selected in the block toolbar.

From the menu, click “Create Reusable Block”.

A screenshot of the options menu of a block. The "Create Reusable block" option is selected.

In the popup dialogue, input the name that you want to label it as and click the Save button.

A screenshot of the modal to name the new reusable block

This should be saved in the Reusable blocks tab in the Inserter.

A screenshot of the reusable block menu with the new reusable block under it.

Now, that same reusable block can be made available across different pages in your site. If you edit one, you’ll change all the pages that use the reusable block.

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