How to Edit Post Templates

To edit a template on WordPress, you just have to go to the site editor, which you can access by hovering on “Appearance” on the left toolbar of the WordPress dashboard. In the menu that pops up, click “Editor”.

A screenshot of the WordPress dashboard with the Editor button encircled

From there, click the WordPress logo on the top left of the site editor. You will see the Templates button below Site. Click the Templates button, and you will be able to access all templates available with your theme.

A screenshot of the WordPress site editor with the templates button encircled

Click on the Template that you want to edit.

A screenshot of the site editor with a template encircled inside the templates menu

You will be directed to the Template editor. Make all the changes that you want to make. In this example, we will be taking out the Comments area.

A screenshot of the template editor with the comments section selected. The cursor is pointed at remove comments.

Hit the Save button. You will be asked if you are ready to Save and it will show the templates that the changes will be applied to. It’s good to double check if it’s correct so you avoid messing up other pages used by the templates. If it’s good to go, click Save again.

A screenshot of saving a post in WordPress

In this case, we used a Posts template and we checked if the post reflects the changes we made, which it did, the comments area now is not present at the bottom of all the posts using that template.

A screenshot of a blog post without the comments section

That’s how to edit templates in the WordPress site editor.

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