How to Find Page/Post ID

Page IDs are used to organize content within your website. Basically, each piece of media, page or post are assigned a number so they can be individually identified.

You can find the page id of a page or post when you edit the post or page. To do this:

1. Go to the Post/Page

The WordPress dashboard with the posts and pages links encircled

2. Identify the Post/Page that you want to check the ID for and click Edit.

The mouse pointer pointed at the Edit button in the submenu of a post

3. It will be seen in the url when you open the block editor. It is the number after β€œpost=”

The page ID highlighted in the address bar of a browser

For a quicker way to find out the Page/Post ID, you may also just hover your cursor over the page you want to check the ID for and the URL will appear in the status bar. Here is an example of the status bar in Google Chrome (Thanks for the tip, Henk!):


  1. In the pages or post screen hold the cursor on the post/page title and you will see the a
    kind of alert in the left hand bottom which contains the ID. So no need to open anythiing.

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