How to Set Default Styles for Blocks

Default Styles for blocks is a way for you to save a customization on a block so that the next time you add it, it already inherits that saved style.

To create default styles for blocks, navigate to Appearance > Editor in the WordPress dashboard.

A screenshot of the WordPress dashboard with the Editor selected.

Click on the page to open up the website editor.

In the toolbar, you will find the Styles icon (it looks like a half moon) on the toolbar.

A screenshot of the site editor with the styles button in the toolbar selected

It should open the Styles sidebar on the right. On the bottom of the sidebar, you will see the Blocks button.

A screenshot of the Styles menu

Clicking the Blocks button will open the menu of core blocks.

A screenshot of the Block Styles menu

Select the block you want to set a default style for, and edit it according to your preference.

Once you’re done, click the Save button of the Site Editor, and you’re done.

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