How to View Post/Page Revisions

When you’re customizing your website or adding content to it, you may find yourself making a mistake or wanting to go back to older versions of a page or post.

You can do this by going to the page or post that you want to see the revisions of.

In the Settings panel you will find under the Summary panel, the Revisions button.

A screenshot of the revisions button in the Settings tab

Click on this, and you will be directed to the Revisions page of the post or page. You can click on the Previous or Next buttons to review the different revisions you made to the page or post.

A screenshot of the revisions page of a website post

You’ll see the changes between the revisions in different colors. Those highlighted in red are the content removed, those highlighted in green are the added content. These changes are from the code/text level though, so it may be a bit hard to digest what happened between revisions.

If you want to restore the page or post to the version that you’re viewing, just click the Restore this Revision button.

A screenshot showing an old version of a post

And that will do the trick!

A screenshot showing the new changes to a page

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